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Palm Beach & Treasure Coast Elder Planning Council

"Surviving is important. Thriving is elegant" - Maya Angelou

Palm Beach Treasure Coast Elder Care Planning CouncilThe Palm Beach & Treasure Coast Elder Planning Council exists to help seniors retain their purpose and dignity while remaining healthy, safe, and independent. We do this by helping solve problems and by reducing or eliminating barriers for those dealing with age related challenges. The Council is comprised of a consortium of highly skilled, committed and compassionate professions operating as a clearinghouse for senior related information and resources, both public and private.

The local PBTC Council is a diverse community of professionals who come together to provide a one-stop shopping service for assisting the elderly. The mission of the local council is to help seniors retain their purpose and dignity while remaining healthy, safe, and independent. We do this by helping solve problems and by reducing or eliminating barriers for those dealing with age related challenges.

Most Seniors Do Not Have In Place Much Needed Plans

The fact is most Senior’s do not have a clear plan for how to proactively engage the actual and potential issues of longevity, aging and maintaining optimal health.

We address this in several ways including by providing the knowledge resources and planning, referral and, where indicated, advocacy, to offer real solutions for seniors and families dealing with the challenges of aging.

Because solutions are highly individualized they can take on many forms, including: all aspects of long term care, networking with social services and community resources, home care, elder law, Medicaid eligibility planning, services, retirement planning, relocation, downsizing and real estate services, reverse mortgages, current information on VA Benefits for senior veterans, etc.

The Senior Experience Presents Both Wonderful Opportunities and Serious Risks

For many the attainment of “senior” status represents a season of opportunity and adventure…a time to realize and enjoy deeply personal goals. These often include the desire to remain healthy, independent and active and to simply enjoy life in the ways they’ve been looking forward to the most. Sometimes the goal is to simplify, travel, relocate or move closer to the family. For others it’s about creating a structure more conducive to both their current and anticipated life needs…a trend called “right sizing.” A related focus is called planning to “age in place,” which is the ability to live in one's own residence as long as comfortably possible, without having to uproot or move into some assisted living or a nursing home facility. For many seniors, this can mean the difference between enjoying their lives in dignity on their own terms or feeling forced to a lifestyle change that can be upsetting and disorienting.

Our “Senior Friendly” vision focuses primarily on supporting seniors in four areas that are generally viewed as those things most directly associated with the highest quality of life:

1.The pursuit of optimal lifetime health.
2. Obtaining needed healthcare, social services and related resources.
3. Personalized planning for a positive, successful and rewarding later life journey.
4. Protecting personal assets to maximize independence, options and overall life control.

We believe that individualized knowledge, skills and resources are the foundation for elder self-sufficiency, and thus for a maximum quality of life. Our ultimate goal is to empower and positively engage both seniors and their loved ones in ways most consistent with their goals, values and overall wishes.

Nearly all seniors want to live in their own place which is where about 95% of them will tend to be found. Accordingly it’s most important to systematically assess and plan for what will most likely make that outcome possible. Seniors value their lifestyle and independence but also often tend to underestimate their longevity and other implications. Many are overly optimistic about their retirement income and too often underestimate their retirement expenses. Adding to this, many seniors feel overwhelmed with it all and describe themselves as simply feeling stuck.

The really important later-in-life decisions tend to require the best planning because they occur at a time when health, aging, the probable need for long term care, current and projected living arrangements and the need to protect their assets all intersect at once. Evidence shows that when these issues are well planned this stage of life can go quite smoothly, if not perfectly. Without proper planning the exact reverse is true. In fact, some of the best options should be considered and put in place up to five years before they’re actually needed.

Similarly, many seniors and their families are totally shocked to discover the extraordinarily high costs of long-term care. Suddenly they awaken to the fact that their hard earned assets and savings, including their home and estate, could easily get eaten up…and very quickly.

Fortunately there are at least a dozen strategies, along with various community and professional resources that can realistically enable them to greatly minimize or even completely prevent these and other worse case scenarios. These include such things as revocable and irrevocable trusts, qualified income trusts, the Heritage trust, the IRS Stretch-out Trust and protecting assets, including the home, by understanding Florida Probate Laws. However it is imperative to remember that these actions should only be considered under the close guidance and counsel of highly competent elder law lawyers, financial and estate planners, etc. The key point here is to emphasize the fact that it is often quite possible to get the care you need while protecting protect most or even all of your assets. Both seniors and their families would do well to clearly understand that all important fact.

The Council is supervised by a Director(s) chosen based on experience and the desire to serve the senior community. Directors coordinate the activities of local members with members of the State and National councils.

Core Services of This Council

- Educate the public on the need for elder care planning, especially as related to health, long term care, Medicaid, financial and legal issues.

- Provide brief but highly informative and helpful community education, seminars and other related training forums.

- Intervene early and proactively offering individualized assistance to aging parents and their loved ones

- Provide one-stop-assistance for seniors their families, loved ones, caregivers and service providers

- Encourage planning that also best attends to the overall interests and well being of the family, children heirs and caregivers.

- Help clients access publicly and non-publically funded services

- Assist clients with the Medicaid eligibility and application process

- Deliver information and referral, including helping seniors and families find the right professional and community resource for effectively meeting their needs whatever they may be.

- Help clients and families navigate the multiple elements of later in life real estate transactions including downsizing, de-cluttering, planning for various life contingencies, etc.

- Conduct outreach and, when needed, advocacy.

- Provide ongoing support to care givers including advocating for greater help in addressing their needs and primary interests.

- Educate and advocate for optimal lifetime health, a lifestyle characterized by “thriving” and, evidence based, best practices for aging with maximum independence and dignity.

- Similarly, provide information on best, evidence based practices for establishing and maintaining optimal lifetime health

- Educate seniors on regarding best methods for preventing falls, fires and other home related injuries.

- Share resources for effectively dealing with dementia and Alzheimer’s, depression, bereavement, mental health issues, etc.

- Help clients understand the need and benefits of such things as advanced directives, end of life planning, powers of attorney, estate planning, etc.

- Provide information of the best methods for dealing with chronic illnesses.

- Help clients learn why it’s usually possible to pay for needed healthcare while protecting all or most of their assets

- Through expert referral, help families retain much larger percentages of their family’s hard earned estate.

Immediate Council Goals

- Provide the above services in a manner of excellence.

- Build a team of world-class, energetic professionals and organizations deeply committed to making the lives of seniors and their loved ones much better.

- Develop relevant relationships and positive alliances with other senior focused professionals and organizations.

- Help to create and actively participate as a robust community of advocates for the needs of the elderly. Identify resource gaps and voids in needed services, e.g. (much improved training and support of caregivers, attention and help for the significant growth in senior drug abuse, etc.) We’ll also serve as effective advocates and supporters of improved helping strategies and solutions overall.


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